longest snapchat streak

The Longest Snapchat Streak, and who holds it?

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on social media, and day by day the popularity of social media increases. There are various social media platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Snapchat is one of the popular social media platforms. And snap Snapchat Streak is one of the best features of Snapchat. In this article we have discussed the longest Snapchat streak and who holds the longest streak record in 2024. Before getting into the details let’s get to know what Snapchat and streaks are.


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the social media applications that provides a unique social experience that comes with social networking and tears are to shred. The app lets users earn rewards based on their activity. If you are not using Snapchat streak is a new concept for you. You don’t know what a Snapchat streak is, and the concept behind the streak.


What is a Snapchat streak?

Snapchat streak is a measure of the number of consecutive days that two users have snapped and sent a photo or video to each other. Users can see the current streak by looking for the fire emoji and the number of days next to a friend chat list.

The Snapchat streak feature launched on April 6, 2015. The feature became widely popular in a short period. Several people have the longest streak on the snap chat because they send photos and videos to each other.

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A Snapchat streak feature is exciting and fun to try. If you and your friend send snaps back and forth to each other at least one time per day for three to four days in a row, you will see the fire icon next to the friend’s name, it is called a chat streak. The number is fire symbols continues to increase the snap streak. To keep going on a streak, users must send photos and videos back and forth to each other within 24 hours.


Here is the list of the top 10 highest stakeholders in 2024.

1) Hannah and Lauren Luckey    3046+

2) Birgit & Inge Christian  3000+

3) Rachel & Francesca   2968+

4) Will & Kristina   2920+

5) Kristen & John   2902+

6) Holly & Abby   2900+

7) Carlyn McGrath and Jakob Wikar   2873+

8) Ashley & Robin   2805+

9) Madison & Adriana   2798+

10) Susie & Alexa   2779+


Streak rewards

The real reward for keeping up with your Snapchat streaks comes from feeling accomplished that you have kept the number going. It doesn’t offer a very serious reward or prize for the highest Snapchat streak, though something small but special does happen when you sequence hit in 100 days with contact.

Sending snaps increases your Snapchat score, which helps prove you use the service more than your friends. Sending more steps also means you are more likely to unlock the trophies stored in a Snapchat.

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Snapchat Streak makes the app a whole lot of fun. Seeing your friendship with another person build up with a new number each day and add some repetition to your day. Snapchat has a habit of throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks.

Remember to submit your high score in a comment section to keep your score going daily to continue competing with your friends, family, and leaderboard.


Frequently asked question


Here are some of the questions about snap streaks.


1)   How do I find out who has the longest Snapchat streak?

Snapchat does not have an official scoreboard, so keeping the longest Snapchat streak is a time-consuming task. You can scour the internet for information, but something different. We do a lot of research on the subject and will continue updating our scoreboard with the highest streak.


2)   How do I know if a streak is about to end?

If your goal is to reach the top of our list, you will have to send a snap message to the same individual at least one time every day.

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