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How To Make The Living Room Comfortable

The equipment in your living room is certainly functional and practical. But is it also comfortable and makes you feel safe in the room? Or would you prefer to spend your free time in a living room that invites you directly to rest, but also to meet friends? Making your living room more comfortable is not that difficult, just a few small adjustments and your feeling in the living room will change significantly.

Focus on light

A central chandelier is essential in the living room. In addition to this, it is practical to complement the lighting in the room with mood lamps and lamps, which you can use to illuminate the space in which you will indulge in reading, for example. A table lamp, a floor lamp, but also candles and solar lamps should definitely not be missing in the living room. It is these small light sources that can create a warm atmosphere and transform your living room into an oasis of relaxation.

When choosing the color of lighting for the living room, prefer warm light. Cool colors will subconsciously support your brain at work, but they won’t help you relax much. How to light the living room so that it functions as a place to relax, but you can also have your work area? Complete the central chandelier with a floor lamp that you place next to the sofa or reading chair. Place small designer lamps on the windowsill, coffee table or shelves. You can also complete the entire lighting concept with spotlights, which will, for example, become part of the living room furniture.


Electronic devices are also a source of light. Computers, cell phones and televisions project their blue light on us, making it harder to fall asleep and we wake up feeling tired.

Remove the TV from the Pedestal

In some homes, the center of all the action is the television, which sits in the middle of the living room. The eyes of all family members, as well as visitors, are directed towards her. Because of the television in the living room, the conversation at home may get stuck, which will have a negative effect on the family atmosphere. Try another way. Put the television aside, hang it on the wall and choose, for example, a fireplace or a relaxation area with armchairs and a table as the center of the living room. After a while, you may find that the time you spend in your living room is much more valuable, which will also affect the functioning of the entire family.

What colors to choose for the living room?

A comfortable living room should be painted in warm colors. Yellow, orange, beige, light brown, but also pink or light red tones are considered suitable colors for the living room. Pay attention to red, in large areas it can be aggressive. You can also use cold colors to paint the living room, if you combine them correctly with warm colors.

When choosing a color for your living room, always remember that less is more. Combine color shades appropriately with white surfaces to create an interesting space full of contrasts that will surprise you every day. There is no clear answer to the question of how to paint a living room. Everyone prefers different shades of color and sometimes it is difficult to get along even within the family. To get a better idea, you can also check out this blog, which discusses color psychology.

Accessories for the living room

Modern living room design often consists of white painted walls complemented by a gray sofa. This rather Nordic lifestyle is minimalist, but it may not suit everyone. A truly comfortable living room requires decorations and accessories. This can be a dominant image suitable for the living room or small pieces of art or furniture.

An accessory in a contrasting color will disrupt the uniformity of the living room. You can choose, for example, a strongly colored armchair, to which you can add lamps or furnishing textiles in a similar color. The advantage of decorations in the living room is that you can change them at any time and thus change the character of the entire space.

How to make the living room more comfortable with decorations?

Instead, favor round shapes, which at first glance evoke more pleasant sensations than angular accessories. You can start with the coffee table and continue, for example, by changing the carpets, the pictures on the wall or a chandelier. If round shapes of equipment and accessories predominate in your living room, you will certainly feel more comfortable there.

Green plants have their place in the living room

Green plants have found an irreplaceable place in our homes. Through photosynthesis, they purify the air and also improve our mood through their appearance. They easily become a pleasant addition that makes our home comfortable. If you need to optically lower a high ceiling, hang flowers below it. But the green resident of your living room can easily become the dominant element of the entire space, you just need to choose the right one. For this purpose, for example, ficuses, mature cacti or palm trees are excellent.

Add sweetness

The easiest way is to add more pleasantly soft cushions, throws and blankets. You will love wrapping yourself in them and enjoying their softness and warmth not only in winter. It is the feeling of warmth and softness that will make you comfortable and pleasant in your home. In addition, furnishing textile is one of the cheapest household accessories, and if you choose its color and pattern appropriately, it can also become a pleasantly colorful element that breaks the monotony of the living room.