Which is better option: Search Google or Type a URL

In an era of digitalization, everything is on a fingertip. The internet plays an important role in connecting with a location, and people and building a network. So if you are using the internet you are aware of the method of data access. Primarily they use two methods for accessing data. First, you can type a search keyword on Google Omnibox, and second Type the URL.

Nowadays because of the advanced technology we have another option to consider such as voice reorganization and when you speak they capture and directly search, it is an easy way to access data. But in this article, we discuss the best option between Search Google or Type a URL


First, discuss both methods separately.


Step to Search on Google

Google is one of the most popular search engines on the internet. It is the best way to find any information on the Internet.


Step-1: Open a browser such as Chrome, or Mozilla and go to Google.Com

Step-2: Type a search keyword on the search box like “Popular IT Company”

Step-3: Press enter you can see the various results that match the query

popular it company


For a specific result type a specific keyword such as IT Company in India, you can get the list of the top IT Company in India. You can also search the images. Click on the camera image which is on the right side of the Omnibox (search box), you can get two options: upload an image from the PC and type the image URL. Fill in the necessary information you have, and you will get the related images.


The second method is to Type a URL

It is one of the easiest methods to get the desired result and redirect to the specific web page.

Step1: Open a browser goes to the Address bar

Step 2: Type a URL on an address bar like “www.google.com”

Step 3: Press enter you can see the various results that match the query

type a url


What is an omnibox?

Omnibox is similar to the address bar of a web browser, which is used as a search engine. Omnibox in Google Chrome also works on a mathematical calculation to provide answers to questions.

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It offers the option to “search Google or type a URL” for added convenience. Users may prefer to type the full address of the website for a faster approach. It is a time-saving feature when searching for information or navigation-specific websites.


Consider both of the things that are better options: Search Google or Type a URL

The search Google or Type a URL feature offers flexibility in navigating the web. It depends on your needs and preferences. If you are exploring and not sure about what you are looking for, the Google search bar is the best. That provides a relevant search keyword option. If you know a specific URL, directly type it into the convenient address bar. And provide the best suits.

The feature is a valuable addition to the search engine, saving users time searching for information. It is a helpful tool for enhancing the browser experience and improving the speed of it.


Google Autocomplete Prediction

The Google search comes with one of the popular terms which is an auto-complete prediction. When you type something in a search box, Google also recommends some of the suggestions which are a popular search term.

Google auto-complete prediction is a permanent and integral feature of the search engine. Which provides users with quick access to the information?

google autocomplete prediction


Use voice search

It is a third method to search for something different in that you can speak a keyword or URL whatever you want to find. The method is used in mobile and computer, but it is widely used in mobile. For this just tap a mic button and speak what you want to search. After detecting the voice Google provides the result.

voice search



There is a significant difference between searching via keyword or Type URL.   Users can use whatever method suits them. When you want to find specific information via domain the URL method is best it saves the time of development.


Frequently Asked Question


1)      What is a Google URL search?

The URL inspection tool informs about Google’s indexed version of a specific page and allows you to test whether a URL is indexable. Structure data, video, linked AMP.


2)      How to open an Omnibox?

To quickly open the Omnibox each time, open a new tab and restart the browser. Follow the below steps:

  • Open a Chrome browser
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Select the setting from the drop-down list
  • Go to the search engine tab and select manage search engine site
  • Scroll down and set on google.com as a default search engine in a browser.