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Bartending is no longer a work that is popular in the male domain. Over the last few decades, it has become more popular with women from many backgrounds.  Vlineperol, also known as Aline Tongkhuya, is one of the most famous bartenders in the USA. She is among the most vibrant people on social media and in bartending. Her work is truly an art that inspires and delights everyone who has experienced her bartending and artistry. She very embracingly flips the bottles and glasses to create new cocktails. This art of her has made her one of the most popular entertainers across the USA.
Let us read the blog more and learn about Vlineperol.
Name Aline Tongkhuya
Profession Bartender and Mixologist
Location Fresno, CA
Brand Vlineperol
Focus Innovative Cocktail Creation and Mixology
Achievements Various Awards and Nominations in Mixology Competitions
Contribution Mentorship and Education in Bartending Community
Interests Cocktail Photography, Videography, Popular Culture

How Old is Vlineperol?

Vlineperol, or Aline Tongkhuya, comes from a vibrant background. She was born in Fresno, California, on 11th September 1999. She has been into bartending since she was a teenager. As per her Instagram, she is 24 years old today. Aline celebrated her 23rd birthday with a caption on Instagram that said, “Season 23: Episode 1”, and her fans loved it.

She is passionate about creating mixed drinks and has spent countless hours learning every technique. The cocktails she crafted were a testament to her dedication and creativity.

What is the professional background of Vlineperol?

Aline started her journey into bartending in her hometown after graduating from college. In 2017, she started as a barback at the modernist bar, which was still under construction. As a bar manager, she managed a staff of 10 bartenders and barbacks at Modernist.

She completed her master’s in basics quickly and learned about the deep aspects of mixology. Her journey could have been more fruitful. She faced many challenges to reach this position. She faced challenges in her bartending job, which was never a job for her but more a passion. For her, bartending is an art, and she has fully dedicated herself to it.

Social Presence of Vlineperol


Platform Followers View Count Achievements
Youtube 500,000 25+ million Partnerships with alcohol brands
Titktok 2.1 million 1.5 million 100+ bartending videos
Instagram 3255 videos with 1m views

She is available on various social accounts such as Instagram and YouTube. And here she posts about her life and work. She has an Instagram following of 3255 followers. As of today, she has 76 posts. In her bio, she mentioned herself as the bar manager at Modernist Fresno. She came under 40 in the Patron Perfectionists Contest 2023 in the USA. She also brag the top 3 AOI in 2023 which was hosted in the USA. She also mentioned her being the winner of Tanteo Tequila MSO in 2022.

What Are Vlineperol’s Hobbies?

Vlineperol has a variety of hobbies and interests which does not include bartending. She spends hours of quality time on her hobbies when she is bored. Aline also loves to paint and draw. She has an interest in and knowledge of color theory and is an expert in textures, forms, and more. Moreover, she is interested in pottery and ceramics. She also used to play with clay toys and has learned her skills in giving a finishing touch to the products. Furthermore, she is also interested in graphic designing, and from here she gained her skills in the fundamentals of layout, typography, and digital tools.


A sweet girl named Vlineperol graduated from California in graphic design. When she was not able to brag about any job in her field she jumped into the bartending market part-time to pay her bills. But she got her interest in bartending and making cocktails. She has more than 2 million subscribers on TikTok where she posts bartending videos to gain more engagement. Some of her most famous cocktail names are Fresno Mule and Spicy Margarita. This cocktail has very bright but spicy, smoky, and tangy flavors.

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