Best Professional For Your Painting

How To Find the Best Professional For Your Painting?

Have you just purchased, built, and are considering painting? for your future projects is a guarantee of safety and quality. However, finding a professional can sometimes be difficult. How to find professionals for a quality service and how to contact them? How do professional painters compare? All the answers to your questions are in this article. 

What types of work are carried out by a professional painter?

The professional painter is capable of carrying out new or renovation work. Far from the creation of the building (structural work), this profession is generally the last to intervene on a site, because it is responsible for the finishing touches. In a renovation project, he arrives after large-scale work such as thermal insulation, upgrading electricity standards, installing new windows, etc.

The painter is not only responsible for painting the walls and ceilings. Multi-caps, it is capable of handling different types of work.

Interior painting work

The main activity of the building painter is the installation of decorative interior painting of a house or apartment in private homes. The painter also takes care of the stage of protecting the furniture, floors, and openings of the rooms to be painted or repainted.

If the wall has an aging covering, such as fibahub wallpaper or carpet, the painter will then take care of removing it before proceeding with the preparation (sanding, puttying, etc.) and the application of the paint. At the aesthetic level, very often, he supports the client in their choice of colors and provides advice on the finish (between matte or satin).

A professional painter can also paint your ceiling. The prices for this type of service are then increased, the operation being more restrictive, especially if certain rooms in your home have high ceilings.

Good to know: he may also be required to strip surfaces (wood, metal, etc.) or to fill cracks and smooth the wall of a room for a perfect and lasting installation.

Installation of wall coverings

In addition to painting, the painter carries out other activities. Indeed, the skills of his profession allow him to pose :

  • the glass cloth;
  • the paneling;
  • the wallpaper ;
  • the wall carpet;
  • the plaster.

However, if you want to create a wall fresco, you will need to call on a decorator specializing in this type of personalized painting. The price of the site may be revised upwards.

Facade renovation

When your facade is damaged, the coating or rendering is gimkit severely cracked, cracked, or peeling off, and a renovation becomes necessary. Professionals use products and materials (special paint, stain, coating, etc.) that respect the composition of your house.

Facade paint plays both an aesthetic and practical role. The composition of exterior paints is formulated to partially protect the facade from the risks of dirt, moss formation, and water infiltration. Painting a facade is a delicate operation requiring work at height. or facade specialist is real security.




The price depends on the type of service

Painting an interior wall or ceiling? A professional painter mixtapes will offer you a price between 20 and 55 dollars per m². Such a price difference is explained firstly by the company’s pricing policy but above all by the overall condition of the surface to be painted.

For the installation of a wall covering, the price is adjusted according to the type and complexity of the installation. Overall, the price oscillates between 10 and 25 dollars per m².

Renovating an exterior facade turns out to be a more complex operation and, consequently, the cost of labor is overestimated compared to interior work. Plan on a fairly broad hourly price (between 15 and 50 dollars) depending on the seniority of the craftsman and the complexity of the site.

Benefit Price range (1)
Decorative interior painting work Wall Between 20 and 48 $/m²
Ceiling Between 25 and 55 $/m²
Installation of wall coverings Sheet of glass Between 12 and 20 $/m²
Paneling Between 10 and 20 $/m²
Wallpaper Between 20 to 25 $/m²
Facelift Between $15 and $50 per hour

Good to know: In the United States, the price may vary depending on the geographical location of the painting company. The hourly cost will not be the same between a company working in Marietta Georgia and another in Atlanta Georgia. This price difference is largely explained by demand (there are many more potential customers in Marietta Georgia than in Atlanta Georgia) but above all by supply (painting companies are more numerous in Marietta Georgia than in Atlanta Georgia).

What criteria should you take into account when finding a painting professional?

It is not always easy to find good painters for your renovation and painting work. However, certain criteria can help you choose wisely. Indeed, by checking a few key elements, you will be able to identify the points that should alert you. Several criteria must be taken into account.

The experience

Before signing your painting quote, remember to check the professional’s training and latest achievements. He may have a website on which he presents his achievements (design of a kitchen, restoration of a room, etc.).

An Experienced painter is expected to have learned best practices over the years, both in their dealings with clients and in their work. He should be able to recommend designs and paint brands that are most relevant to your project.

The qualification

The painter can distinguish himself by an “optional” quality label: the Qualibat qualification. Thanks to this qualification, you will know if the painter can carry out your project because it determines the technical capacity of a company to carry out work in defined areas. Qualibat also indicates whether the company is financially sound. 

The RCS (Trade and Companies Register) or SIREN (Business Directory Identification System) number

Always remember to check that the professional is registered in the trade directory and that he has indicated his SIREN and VAT (value-added tax) number. If it is a painting company, it must be registered in the trade and company register. This information can also be found on the Infogreffe website. With the RCS or SIREN number, you can also verify that the company is not bankrupt or in liquidation.

The insurance

Before starting a project and painting any surface, a painter will probably have taken out certain insurance such as ten-year insurance or professional civil liability insurance (RC Pro). In the United States, it is not obligatory for construction professions but demonstrates a certain legal and material foresight on the part of the company.

Good to know: This legal coverage protects the company, its employees, and its customers in the event of bodily injury (an employee or a customer may be injured on the construction site), material, or immaterial damage. 

The cost of painting work

The hourly rate or the rate per m² offered by the painter differs depending on the type of paint or support as well as the surface to be painted. The price range is between 15 and 48 $/m² (1) to benefit from the services of an experienced person. If it is well below the prices charged, be wary! 

Why call a professional for your painting work?

Are you hesitating between repainting the walls of your house or your house yourself, or using the services of a specialized company for this work? These reasons should convince you to opt for the 2nd solution: 

  • professional advice: the painter intervenes upstream of your project, he can therefore guide it by offering you personalized support!
  • a total quality service: small or large surface, walls or ceiling, paint or effect coating, you can consider large-scale work as the skills of these painting craftsmen are numerous.
  • the use of professional products: do you prefer to apply 3 or even 4 coats of classic paint or let a professional apply 2 coats of professional covering paint? Painters use paints that come directly from their suppliers, no doubt about the quality! You are assured of an impeccable rendering and finish.
  • VAT reduction: calling on a craftsman represents a cost that must be taken into account but you can benefit from a VAT reduced to 10% instead of 20% on labor.

How to compare different painting professionals?

For your renovation and decoration work, it is essential to find a true painting professional whose job it is. Many companies claim to be specialists, but their site and customer reviews say the opposite. To do this, you must be able to compare several craftsmen or painting companies using different methods.

Activate word of mouth

This is a very effective process that ensures you find the right paint. This way of obtaining reviews is very common among individuals looking to obtain recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family. They may be part of the clientele of a painter who can intervene for similar work.

Visit multiple sites 

Most artisans have websites or are present on social networks. Consult as many sites as possible to find the most competent painting professional for your project. When searching on the Internet, you can also consult customer reviews on certain sites. These reviews are often an excellent way to supplement the information collected during your word of mouth and give you an idea of ​​the seriousness of the person.

Check professionalism through specific questions  

After an initial contact by email or telephone, you can judge the professionalism of the person. To do this, focus on the particularities of your site, the complexity of implementation depending on the support (wall, floors, ceiling, etc.) as well as its condition, the type of paint to favor and the maintenance precautions, the number of coats to apply, etc. If he can answer all your questions, if he offers concrete solutions and he leaves you with a good impression, then you can go further by asking him for a quote for your paintings. In all cases, he must demonstrate pedagogy and availability.

Create multiple quotes

An essential step in your project. You will thus be able to check the legal information of your painter, but also to compare the. With several proposals in hand, you will also be able to negotiate. 

As you have understood, to find a serious building painter to manage renovation projects, it is therefore essential to check a few essential selection criteria. To quickly obtain several painting quotes: go to sites connecting customers and professionals. 

What is the obligatory and/or essential information to be found in the quote from a painting company?

In the United States, a quote is mandatory if the price of the service exceeds $500 including tax. The seriousness of a company is also reflected in the information transmitted in this document. You must therefore find:

  • the date the quote was created;
  • contact details and legal status of the company;
  • your contact details;
  • the price (in $ excluding tax and tax) of the service;
  • the amount of VAT applied;
  • detail by service;
  • the number of coats of paint planned in total;
  • labor cost;
  • travel expenses ;
  • the estimated duration of the work;
  • the terms of payment, cancellation, and modification.

Good to know: In most cases, a VAT rate of 10% is applied for painting work. If the company is involved in an energy renovation project (for example: thermal insulation), the VAT can go down to 5.5%.